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This is an application of insect control, grub preventer and fertilizer. Our target for this application is surface feeding insects and grub larvae that could emerge later in the summer. This application will be appied with your late spring application.

March 25th- May 15th

This will be a dry application of fertilizer and crab grass preventer. At this time we are controlling crabgrass, foxtail and other annual weeds.

May 15th - June 15th

Challis Lawn Care can treat your yard for dandelions. Call today for a risk free, no obligation quote todayThis liquid application of balanced fertilizer and broad leaf weed herbicide, with this application our target weeds are dandelion, creeping charlie, violets and all other broad leaf weeds. With new products we are much more able to control troublesome weeds like creeping chrlie and violets.

September 11th- October 20th

This is a liquid application that consists of broad leaf weed control for dandelions, creeping charlie and all other broad leaf weeds that may be present along with a balanced fertilizer.

October 30th- November 15th

This application is a dry high rate balanced fertilizer. This application will contribute to early spring green-up and overall turf health.


You do not need to cut down your ash trees, prevention is very economical. Trees with trunks less than 14" diameter at chest height (or at 4') cost less than $40.00, with discounts for multiple trees.


Over time your soil naturally becomes compacted, leaving the subsoil undesirable for healthy lawn growth. Walking, playing, mowing, and watering compact particles and reduce the air space necessary for root growth. compaction is greatest in the upper 1 to 1 1/2 inches of soil and needs to be relieved by mechanical aeration. This mechanical process plugs 2 - 3 inch deep, finger size holes into the soil to improve the air, water, and nutrient exchange with your roots as well as provide enhanced thatch control.

This is one of the greatest treatments that you can do for your lawn and should be done every three years.


Challis Lawn Care provides homes with year-round perimeter control protection. Our Perimeter Pest Program creates a barrier around the exterior of your home that controls ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, beetles and many more before they have a chance to enter the home. The standard timing for the applications are spring, summer and fall.

Purchase three treatments and receive the fourth treatment FREE. Just $40.00 each.

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